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Picture of Organic Bulk Oranges

Organic Bulk Oranges

Organic citrus Oranges grown locally in Houston Tx. 🍊 Also clementines. Have them delivered to your your door or restaurant 10lb min. We can fill 100 lb orders 832-439-9487
Picture of Organic Cherokee Purple Tomato  Heirloom Starter plants (transplants)

Organic Cherokee Purple Tomato Heirloom Starter plants (transplants)

Heirloom Tomato Starter Plant originally grown by the Cherokee. Keep in mind these are the PLANTS, not the produce. Each plant is $3.00+ tax
Picture of Organic Grown Texas Okra

Organic Grown Texas Okra

Organically grown okra. Jeremy Peaches Farmer . Sold by the LB. Houston Tx
Picture of Organic Perpetual Spinach Chard seeds (Beta Vulgaris) -heirloom seeds

Organic Perpetual Spinach Chard seeds (Beta Vulgaris) -heirloom seeds

Perpetual spinach Chard (Beta Vulgaris) Also known as 'Spinach Beet', 'Leaf Beet,' Perpetual spinach chard is an old European variety introduced around 1869 and is an older version of the swiss chard we've all come to know and love. Perpetual spinach chard leaves taste in between a spinach and a chard (but leaning more towards a spinach). Before planting, soak seeds overnight to ensure good germination. The plants love both partial and full sun. Sow in spring for crops through summer and autumn. Or alternatively, sow after midsummer, for the heaviest production overwinter and through to the following spring. Plant seeds 1/2 in deep and space 8 inches- 1 ft apart. For more information and more of our seed varieties, visit our website at Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about pricing, variety, health benefits, etc., all questions are welcome. CONTACT US: 2813830145
Organic Radish

French Breakfast Radishes

Organically grown French Breakfast Radishes in Houston Tx By Freshlifeorganic FLO farms. Farmer Jeremy. Produce comes in 12 ounce cases $2.00 each or whole sale at $30/case with 20 packages in one case. Produce can be shipped anywhere in the U.S.or delivered in Houston Tx.
Picture of Organic Leaf Sorrel seeds (Rumex acetosa) -Pre-heirloom seeds

Organic Leaf Sorrel seeds (Rumex acetosa) -Pre-heirloom seeds

A perrenial pre-heirloom with a natural lemon flavor to its leaf. Excellent for hair-loss and balding. Also good for hypertension, high blood pressure and much more. For more information and to view more of our seeds please vist our website at Contact us: 2813830145
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