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Picture of Aquaponics Fest 2014 4-DVD Set

Aquaponics Fest 2014 4-DVD Set

While there are other Aquaponics conferences, they typically focus on commercial farming and academic research. The content from The Aquaponics Fest event was focused on providing backyard, community, and school gardeners with informative and compelling workshops. The workshops, presentations, and contests at Aquaponics Fest celebrate the DIY spirit of many aquaponic gardeners.
Picture of Aquaponics Grow Bed Deposit

Aquaponics Grow Bed Deposit

Aquaponics Grow Bed Deposit
$1.00 $1,000.00
Picture of Aquaponics Introduction Curriculum Set

Aquaponics Introduction Curriculum Set

The Aquaponics Introduction Curriculum Set features 6 hours of grade 3 – 6th-grade lessons to integrate Aquaponics into your classroom or homeschool environment! The Aquaponics Introduction Curriculum Set is designed to be an excellent tool for any teacher who is interested in using aquaponics in the classroom.
Picture of AquaSprouts Aquarium Garden Kit

AquaSprouts Aquarium Garden Kit

Grow garden-fresh food indoors all year long! The AquaSprouts Aquarium Garden Kit delivers everything you need to turn your 10-gallon aquarium into a complete aquaponic garden. This system is great for home or classroom. Give your kids a hands-on approach, turning STEM subjects into great classroom projects!
$179.95 $169.95
Picture of Bluelab pH Pen

Bluelab pH Pen

Handheld pH meter. Easy to use! A handy solution made easy with this clever little Bluelab ph pen will help you manage the success of your crops. This pH pen provides a pH reading of the solution so you know that the nutrients will be made available to your plants.
Picture of CBD SEED (oil)

CBD SEED (oil)

For smokable flower and oil
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