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Picture of Grow Beds

Grow Beds

grow beds
Picture of Industrial Hemp Seed

Industrial Hemp Seed

Hemp seed from American raised Industrial Hemp plants. This strain is excellent for hemp fiber as feed stock for textiles, hempcrete, hemp seed oil etc. Note: not the best choice for CBDs.
Picture of OG Deep Water Culture (100 plants)

OG Deep Water Culture (100 plants)

By using our specific harvesting strategy you can have salad every day for 9 months out of the year.
Picture of Power Grow GX

Power Grow GX

Grow 64 plants in a area of only 2' x 2.5'x 3' (a 5 square foot area)
Picture of Power Grow MX

Power Grow MX

Grow 360 plants in an area of only 5' x 3'x 6' (a 15 square foot area).
Picture of Power Grow Towers

Power Grow Towers

Grow 144 plants in a only 2' x 2.5' x 6' (a 5 square foot area).