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Picture of Agriculture Consulting

Agriculture Consulting

FreshLifeOrganic is an Agriculture consulting, service, and farm company that specializes in Aquaponics/ Hydroponics, row crop farming, operations, risk management, and marketing agriculture products. We are known for sustainable agriculture planning designing, building, and maintaining farms, gardens, greenhouse.
Picture of Private Garden Class

Private Garden Class

This is a service offered per hour to youth or adults to learn the basics of gardening , aquaponics, hydroponics , and greenhouse management
Picture of Consultation Services

Consultation Services

Consultation Services for Phase 2: Social Media Management Content Creation Ambassador Program Initiation
Picture of Commercial HEMP Consulting

Commercial HEMP Consulting

We offer a complete facility design, construction management, and operations deployment services to help business owners build functional, sustainable operations sized to address the demand of your market. We keep your project timeline on schedule while making sure your facility is being built to the highest standards. And, of course, we facilitate a seamless transition from cannabis construction to cultivation and sales, ensuring a smooth opening. Price information indicates our hourly rate.
Picture of Agriculture Public Speaker

Agriculture Public Speaker

Book a Agriculture public speaker from Fresh Life Organic FLO. This service can be used for trainings , graduations, conferences, or for educational environments. * prices may vary depending on state or country *
Picture of Land Management Houston Tx

Land Management Houston Tx

Monthly land management service for farm , gardens , and lots in Houston Tx
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