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Under-Performing Aquaponics System

Welcome to my blog.  In general we will will focus on topics related to sustainability.  This first topic is related to aquaponics and is presented as a question:  

“Why is it taking my aquaponics system so long to start working”

You did everything by the book, you started with good clean water, got just the right pH and water temerature, you even inoculated with your “good bacteria” (usually Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter).  In spite of your best efforts the plants just are not doing well. After several months, the growth rare is low,  some plants look sick others just won’t grow at all.  What is going on?

What has happened is agricultural science has made significant leaps forward in the last few decades but the science is aquaponics has somehow been left behind.  We know now that a plants ability to nourish itself through its root system is dependent upon a healthy stable soil ecosystem.  Many different bacterial, fungal and even heterotrophs  operating higher up on the food chain participate directly in the process of transferring nutrients to your plants.

Unless something is done to assist in establishing the mature microbial ecology needed for your system to perform we’ll you will just have to wait for it to happen naturally.  It could take up to a year. 

For tips on accelerating the process  VISIT RST University.
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